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Welcome to Dushane Dental Arts, where Dr. Tiffany Dushane provides the highest quality laser dentistry services in West Hollywood, CA. Our practice is dedicated to providing the best care for our patients, and our team of experienced professionals is here to help you achieve your dental goals. We offer a wide range of services, from preventive care to cosmetic dentistry, and our laser dentistry services are second to none. Call us today at (323) 615-2159 to schedule an appointment and learn more about how we can help you. Dushane Dental Arts

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is a revolutionary technology that has revolutionized the way dentists perform dental procedures. Laser dentistry offers a number of advantages over traditional dental treatments, including improved accuracy, less pain, and faster healing times. Laser dentistry can be used to treat a variety of dental issues, from cavities to gum disease. Here are some of the benefits of laser dentistry:

Accuracy: Laser dentistry is extremely precise, allowing dentists to target specific areas of the mouth with greater accuracy than traditional dental treatments. This means that dentists can perform procedures with greater precision and accuracy, resulting in better outcomes for patients.

Pain Reduction: Laser dentistry is less invasive than traditional dental treatments, meaning that patients experience less pain and discomfort during the procedure. This can make the experience of getting dental work done much more pleasant for patients.

Faster Healing Times: Laser dentistry can help speed up the healing process, allowing patients to get back to their normal activities sooner. This can be especially beneficial for those who need to get back to work or school quickly.

These are just a few of the benefits of laser dentistry. If you’re looking for a more comfortable and efficient way to get dental work done, laser dentistry may be the right choice for you. Contact your local dentist to learn more about the advantages of laser dentistry and to find out if it’s the right option for you.

Types of Laser Dentistry Procedures

At Dushane Dental Arts, we offer a variety of laser dentistry procedures to help improve the health and appearance of your smile. Our laser dentistry services include treatments for gum disease, tooth decay, and cosmetic procedures. Our laser dentistry treatments are minimally invasive and can help reduce discomfort and recovery time.

Our laser dentistry treatments include gum reshaping, which can help reduce the appearance of a “gummy” smile. We also offer laser teeth whitening, which can help brighten and whiten your teeth in a single visit. We also offer laser cavity detection, which can help detect cavities earlier and more accurately than traditional methods. Finally, we offer laser gum disease treatment, which can help reduce inflammation and bacteria in the gums.

At Dushane Dental Arts, we are committed to providing the highest quality laser dentistry services to help improve your oral health and the appearance of your smile. Our experienced team of dentists and hygienists are dedicated to providing you with the best care possible. Contact us today to learn more about our laser dentistry services.

Laser Dentistry vs Traditional Dentistry

Laser dentistry is a revolutionary new way of providing dental care that offers a number of advantages over traditional dentistry. Laser dentistry is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a laser to precisely target and remove tissue, making it a much more precise and efficient way of performing dental procedures. Laser dentistry can be used to treat a variety of dental issues, including cavities, gum disease, and even tooth decay.

The main advantage of laser dentistry is that it is much less invasive than traditional dentistry. Laser dentistry is also much faster and more precise than traditional dentistry, meaning that patients can receive treatment in a shorter amount of time and with less discomfort. Additionally, laser dentistry is much more cost-effective than traditional dentistry, as it requires fewer visits and less time in the dental chair. Finally, laser dentistry is much safer than traditional dentistry, as it does not require the use of anesthesia or other potentially dangerous drugs.

Laser Dentistry Safety and Risks

At our dental practice, we are proud to offer laser dentistry as a safe and effective way to treat a variety of dental issues. Laser dentistry is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a laser to remove or reshape soft tissue, such as gums, and hard tissue, such as teeth. While laser dentistry is generally safe, there are some risks associated with the procedure.

The most common risks associated with laser dentistry are tissue damage, infection, and pain. To minimize these risks, our team of experienced dentists and hygienists take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our patients. We use the latest laser technology and follow strict safety protocols to ensure that the procedure is performed correctly and safely. Additionally, we provide our patients with detailed instructions on how to care for their teeth and gums after the procedure.

At our dental practice, we strive to provide our patients with the highest quality of care. We understand that laser dentistry can be a safe and effective way to treat dental issues, and we take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of our patients.

Cost of Laser Dentistry Treatments

Laser dentistry is a cutting-edge technology that can be used to treat a variety of dental issues. Laser dentistry treatments are often more precise and less invasive than traditional treatments, making them a great option for many patients. The cost of laser dentistry treatments can vary depending on the type of procedure and the complexity of the case.

At our dental practice, we offer a range of laser dentistry treatments at competitive prices. Our experienced team of dentists and hygienists are highly trained in the use of laser technology and can provide you with the best possible care. We understand that cost is an important factor when considering any type of dental treatment, so we strive to provide our patients with the most cost-effective solutions. We also offer flexible payment plans to make it easier for you to get the care you need.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Laser dentistry offers improved accuracy, less pain, and faster healing times
  • Laser dentistry can be used to treat a variety of dental issues, from cavities to gum disease
  • Laser dentistry is less invasive than traditional dental treatments, meaning that patients experience less pain and discomfort during the procedure
  • At Dushane Dental Arts, we offer a range of laser dentistry treatments at competitive prices and flexible payment plans


What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry is a type of dental treatment that uses a laser to perform various dental procedures. It is used to treat a variety of dental issues, such as removing decay, reshaping gums, and whitening teeth.

What are the benefits of laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry offers many benefits, including less pain, less bleeding, and faster healing times. It can also be used to perform more precise and accurate treatments.

Is laser dentistry safe?

Yes, laser dentistry is a safe and effective treatment option. It is minimally invasive and can be used to treat a variety of dental issues.

What types of procedures can be done with laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry can be used to perform a variety of procedures, such as cavity removal, gum reshaping, and teeth whitening.

How long does laser dentistry take?

The length of time for a laser dentistry procedure depends on the type of procedure being performed. Generally, most procedures can be completed in one visit.

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Julian Verdugo
Julian Verdugo
February 3, 2023
Right above the renowned LAVO ristorante, Dushane Dental on the 4th floor over looks part of Hollywood/Beverly Hills border. One of the greatest dentist teams in the world. Dushane Dental has a team of Rockstars. Shelly, Love, Joey, and Tiffany are all phenomenal in what they do. They do it with such grace and tenacity. No need to be afraid of going to the dentist with this group; your absolutely in great hands. I’ve only been in LA since winter 2018 and I’ve shopped a couple hand fulls of dentists, this is by far the best and teetering on world renowned with their exceptional attention to detail. Shelly loves doing her patients cleanings as much as I love getting a cleaning. Tiffany and Joey are both ever so meticulous with their due diligence. Greatness like this isn’t achieved over night. Cheers to this rockstar team. I’m literally looking forward to every visit. Please consider Dushane Dental whether in or out of network with your insurance. Update: I bought a teeth whitening package at Dushane dental and WOW it turned my teeth white! Check out the photos in my Review
Dominic Barbaro
Dominic Barbaro
April 28, 2022
Love Dr Dushane!! I really needed a new dentist in LA and feel so well taken care of whenever I go there. Joey's customer service to patients is sublime. Feels so good to stop searching when you find a great medical professional!
Siân Thompson
Siân Thompson
April 4, 2022
As someone who finds going to the dentist a stressful experience I can’t recommend Dr. Dushane and her amazing team any higher! The whole team at Dushane is incredibly welcoming, accommodating, and kind. So happy I found them after moving to the area!
Ethan Saeedian
Ethan Saeedian
March 24, 2021
Incredibly helpful, clean and polite. Dr Dushane was so nice, as my hygienist Shila, office manager Joey, and Julian. Joey was super nice and as polite as could be, and showed me how safe and clean the office was upon entering. (You are supposed to call while you are outside the office and they let you in!) Shila was thorough, professional, and constantly checking if I was having any pain. (I wasn't) Julian was personable and friendly, and a pleasure to talk to. Dr. Was very through, and went over many issues other dentists dismissed. Very professional from the time I walked in to the time that I left. Answers all my questions. Highly recommend!
Johnny Mazariego
Johnny Mazariego
November 6, 2020
Great Dentist experience. The facility is always clean, they are very professional and polite. An honest and true care for you and your teeth. Nothing but 5 stars for everyone and everything.
Charles Cohen
Charles Cohen
June 25, 2019
Dr Tiffany Dushane, She is a great Dr, very skilled and experience.. with a magic touch..
Kitty Schur
Kitty Schur
June 16, 2019
I can’t say enough amazing things about Dr.Dushane and Joey. I had a dental emergency and they both were so accommodating and made me feel as comfortable as possible in a very stressed out/scary situation.
Johnny ONeil
Johnny ONeil
March 28, 2019
Joey and the crew are amazing. Highly recommend.
Robert D.
Robert D.
July 6, 2023
If you are looking for an amazing dentist, stop searching! Make an appointment with Dr. Dushane ASAP. Every single person on her team is amazing, and she's kind, gentle, and professional. I was nervous about switching dental providers (because my employer switched insurance), but after reading all the previous reviews I decided to give her a chance. Trust me, you won't regret the level of service, care, and kindness. Their prices are reasonable, the office is spotless and clean (very important), the equipment is modern, and she really sets the tone for a friendly and helpful environment. She, and her team, get 5 STARS! Thank you Dr. Dushane, for everything you do!
Taylor M.
Taylor M.
June 30, 2023
Best dentist I've ever had - amazing receptionist and hospitality, dental technician and Dr. Dushane is as lovely as she is knowledgeable. They recommended a periodontist to me as well and it was a wonderful recommendation. Can't speak highly enough of Dushane Dental Arts!
Leila P.
Leila P.
April 8, 2023
Highly recommend Dr. Dushane, she's knowledgable and direct. Switched to her office after my old dentist retired. I spent a lot of time searching for a trustworthy dentist who doesn't want to jump to drilling and filling. She's definitely the right balance between wait and see and take action. Love Sheila the hygienist and Joey at the front desk is really great too. And their office is super clean which is important for a dentist! 5 stars all around.
Christopher F.
Christopher F.
March 14, 2023
I highly recommend Dushane Dental Arts. Everyone on Dr. Dushane's team is genuinely nice and helpful, and Shila is the BEST dental hygienist I have ever had--she has an incredible attention to detail. Fantastic experience all around. This team does great work!
H E.
H E.
February 2, 2023
Dushane's team is like family. They take care of me and my family members. I trust them. I wouldn't go anywhere else. They are perfectionists with their work and their main concern is our happiness.
Janet C.
Janet C.
November 16, 2022
I have never been so excited to go to the dentist in my life. This place is a dream. Joey, who manages the front desk, is an expert in insurance and is extremely on top of everything. The whole office is extremely experienced, they have all the new tools to give you a phenomenal cleaning, and they are SUPER NICE to boot! Cannot recommend Dushane Dental enough.
Daniel K.
Daniel K.
November 2, 2022
I went to Dushane Dental Arts for a few procedures and they provided an exceptional experience. You can tell that cleanliness is a very high priority and the staff is so kind and accommodating. I highly recommend this dentist for both cosmetic and regular care!
Janet W.
Janet W.
July 17, 2022
An outstanding experience from initial examination through to completed treatment. Dr Dushane and her team are top notch - friendly, professional, efficient and skilled. I hadn't been to a dentist for a few years and my teeth required some serious 'fixing'. I left my first appointment after a deep cleaning, with a full understanding of what treatment was required and with detailed print-out of the cost and the contributions my insurance company would make. I would be travelling abroad for the Summer so Joey made sure to fit me in before my departure date. Although the follow-up appointment was lengthy due to the number of filings required, it was one of the smoothest procedures I've ever had. One thing I hadn't anticipated was the positive cosmetic effect resulting from replacing old metal fillings with white composite ones. In short, I can't recommend Dr Dushane highly enough. A brilliant dentist and practice.
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